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If you need a new website then it is best to search for one local to you, so in our case local businesses will type into the search box of Google etc the keyword phrase; spalding web design, of course, this will be different for you depending on where you live but it’s the same principle no matter where you are based.

This does not have to be the case, you might find a much better web design firm in another part of the country you live in, or even from another part of he world, and many people choose to do this, mostly due to a lower cost, but a cheaper deal is not always the best option is it?

An obvious benefit of using a local web design company is if something goes wrong you might find it easier to just pop round for a chat, if they are based the other side of the world then what can you do, hope, and that’s it.

Spalding web design company image

Not really the ideal situation to be in so if you are a serious business I would advise to go local. Another advantage of concentrating on the local market is that you are only competing with a few other similar businesses to yourself, if you go national you are competing with many thousands.

There are 3 important elements to a successful website, the actual web design, the hosting and your social network. Keeping it brief, let’s start with the hosting, this can be the down fall of any company, so who ever you choose, ask them why you should choose them?


Make sure it’s in the UK and that your site is backed up every night and that you are happy with the level of support they can offer, it will pay off in the long run. Imagine if you have a problem and it takes several days to get it sorted, this is not uncommon for cheap hosting deals, remember, everything is cheap for a reason.

The other crucial part of online success is your social network, you may not realise but you probably already have one but just not using it to it’s full advantage.

Social network for business image

Connect your website to your social network and make sure they get updated every week at least, this will help to improve your online credibility, as long as you have something interesting to say of course.

Your social network can start with just Twitter and Facebook but there are many others that you can add also, such as the important Linkedin and Google Plus for example, oh, and don’t forget Pinterest too, this is brilliant if you have a lot of images.

If you are a UK company then you will benefit by joining our UK Business Directory, we will add your site for you, add ten images, a video if you have one, full contact details with a map and a link back to your own website, plus you get our business web hosting package completely free when you join, worth £90 per year.

Check out our promotional video below;

If you are a company located in Lincolnshire, or indeed the UK, then why not get in touch to see how we can improve your website, visit Spalding Web Design today.

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