A Social Network

Social networking has been around for some time now, people actually don’t realise but a lot of you already have your own social network, you are just not using it to it’s full advantage.

Most people already have Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Linkedin to name a few, but keeping all these updated everytime you have something new to say can be quite a chor, but we have a simple answer for this, our blogging system.

So what is a social network? Well it’s actually something that many businesses already have without realising it, it’s simply twitter and facebook, google plus and linkedin, as well as a few others too, any social sites linked together can be considered a social network.


It’s really quite simple to link them all together, if you write an article for example, or simply add an update to your linkedin, with a content link pointing to one of your other social sites, such as twitter and/or facebook, you are starting to create your own social network.

You will notice the image above where the arrows point to your social network, this is how we setup our blogs, or your blog, so every time you add something new to the blog we have built into your website, it automatically updates all your social sites too.

Content Link: This is important. A content link is a hypertext link to the URL of another page, such as one of your website pages or one of your social sites, this link is inside the actual text of your page, as an example, i am writing about the social network. You see, the text “social network” within this paragraph is a hyperlink, also considered an anchor text, it’s a link within the article pointing to another related page on your website.

This is much more powerful than a link in your website menu for example so try and remember this, whenever you add something new to your website, blog page or one of your social networking sites, add in a content link to a similar relevant page.

Having just a website is simply not enough these days, of course you need one and you should be keeping it updated on a regular basis but i think everyone now realises the importance of twitter and facebook and others.

Video: One very important site not mentioned above is youtube, video is so popular these days and not too difficult to create a promotional video. Youtube is not the only social video site but its probably the best known.

One of the benefits of video is when you have one on your website it keeps people on your page longer and gets your message across quite easily. Let’s face it, who wants to read paragraphs of text when you can sit back and watch a video.

If you visit our uk business directory page you can see what i mean. And by the way, this is another content link.

My advice, and this does work for us, join as many social sites as you can handle, there are plenty out there and for a full list just visit

Once you have joined these sites, add more content to them but try and add slightly different content to each of them with content links inside them to each other, this will really make a difference to oyur online success.