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The British Business Blog has a new look about it this year and to celebrate there is a 50% discount on all full page listings to UK Businesses. Just £45 per year will get you a full page with unlimited text and up to 10 pictures of your business, you can also add a video about your business if you have one.

If you own a company in the UK then you could benefit by joining the British Business Blog as it’s being marketed online from February 2017.

UK Business Directory

The idea behind this website is to list company website’s and help to get them found in the search engines. This is a company listing site and it’s a
UK business directory too, it also has a business news page with daily updates from around the UK on a wide variety of subjects.

What makes this site any different to other similar directories, well, fist of all it’s not simply that, it lists company websites for the purpose of helping them get found by the search engines with a full page and up to 10 company pictures with full description and a video (if you have a video), all your details so people can get in touch with you including your phone number and a link to your own website.

If you do not have a promotional video, we can provide one for you.

Not only that, each business that joins will be offered a heavy disount off our website marketing service that does generate results. If you visit our web design site, you will see we are offering a 20% discount when you order website marketing for 2 pages.

Website marketing discountIf you join the British Business Blog and require website marketing for your company website, and/or your British Business Blog page, we will give you a big discount, the cost of website marketing is £75 per month (3 hours work), but join the blog and you can have a 30% discount taking it down to £52.50 per month for the same level of marketing.

There are many directory sites in all countries around the world, such as yell, scoot, yelp and many others but our site is different because we give you something extra, a site that gives you more than the others, such as the ability to add more content onto your page and heavily discounted website marketing for your company website.

Having your company website listed on as many places online as you can find can only be a good thing in the pursuit of getting found by the search engines, however, with our site not only will you be found we are constantly working on ways to improve this probability with our regular monthly back links, RSS feeds and article writing, not forgetting our constant updating of our busy blogs and popular social network.

Eco friendly uk web hosting image

Web Hosting

The hosting is very important to get right and our package fits the bill very well, it’s based in the UK at the UKFast date centre and has the fastest network in the UK, it is also eco friendly with 100% carbon free hosting so it’s not only beneficial to your company, it’s beneficial to the environment too.

You may have your website hosted abroad somewhere, this is not good and frowned upon by many search engines, they presume if you are a company in the UK then you should have a domain that is being hosted in the same country,  or you may simply be paying too high for it, there are hosting providers out there charging double or even more compared to what we charge, and remember, by joining our directory site you get it free anyway.

We briefly mentioned earlier in this post about the social network, this is very important to Google and the others too, it shows your site is being talked about so when your company is added to our site we write an article about it in the Latest News section and this then gets spread across all our social network and sends out signals to the search engines that you are out there, also, the article links back to your new page on the directory and also to your own company website as well.

The Social Network image

It doesn’t stop there either, we then build 30 high profile links back to the Latest News page we created just for you and this then will pass on link strength back to your page and also your own site.

Web Design

If you need a new website design we can help with that too, with so many years in the web business we can provide any service you or your company requires. There are two options, the first is our professional hand coded business package that we will build to your specific requirements, building in any functionality you need to run your online business.

Then there is the popular low cost option using the wordpress system, this system helps to provide you with a low cost web design that suits your business and even comes with the ability for you to add more pages as and when you please at no extra cost.

A great web design should be fast loading, show visitors immediately what your website is about, and must have a good web hosting package behind it and be connected to a good social network.

Find out more about the blog just follow this link.










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