Eco Web Hosting UK for Business

UK Web Hosting image

If you are a business and you have decided on our Eco Web Hosting UK for Business you be pleased you did, not only are all websites backed up every night and are fully managed 24/7/365 but our eco servers are connected to the fastest network in the UK over in the UKFast Manchester data centre.

The Eco Web Hosting comes with 5GB of webspace and most other parts of the package are unlimited, such as emails and databases but whatever your requirements you should be more than satisfied with the service as we have been providing hosting to UK companies since 2000.

The cost is just £90 per year or £9 monthly if you would prefer this, however, there is a way to get your web hosting free, just go along to the British Business Blog.

UK Business Directory

This is our UK Business Directory and you get your own full page with company pictures and a video if you have one as well as all your contact details, this will only cost you £90 per year or £9 monthly and it includes your business web hosting totally free with a value of £90.

You will notice a small promotional video below, its from the blog’s home page and it’s just there so visitors can see a video as soon as they land on the site, people love video and so does Google so it’s a win win situation, who wants to read anymore when you can watch a video.

The video simply spells out the benefits of joining the blog for UK companies and also to keep people on the page too, the reason for this is that Google is looking at your bounce rate, this is when someone comes to your site then leaves within a few seconds, with a video to watch they are more likely to stay a while and watch and then hopefully click through a few pages. All this will help with your search engine rankings too.


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